Company Information is one of the leading Christian portal sites on the Internet. Visitors enjoy excellent Christian resources such as e-cards, graphics, pen-pals, Bible trivia, Bible search and web search. The site is dynamic, and continually offers our visitors new and exciting content.

It is this commitment to excellence that has solidified Advertising as a leader in internet advertising, marketing and promotion for the Christian community. Launched in January 1996, we have delivered millions of visitors to our advertisers' sites.

Our company is Christian-owned and operated. All of our employees uphold the Apostles' Creed. Our mission is to provide quality Christian resources to the Christian community and offer services, so that Christians can use the Internet to glorify God. Mission Statement is a for-profit company that is committed to providing the online Christian Community with God honoring services and resources to support them in their growth, service and communication.

Christian Audience

The audience for our site is definitely a Christian audience. The vast majority of those who use are sites would consider themselves Christian and would hold to the Apostles' Creed. Our sites are reaching church leaders, pastors, Bible study leaders, Sunday School teachers, Bible college & seminary students, Youth leaders, Christian Parents, Christian lay people, & Christian business owners. We can help you reach your distinct market. Advertising Site Traffic & Membership Statistics


Sam Moorcroft Owner of writes:
We run a Christian singles service called the Christian ( Like any new venture, we needed to promote it, efficiently, effectively, and most of all, cheaply!

We turned to Advertising early on and have been delighted with the success we have had from this service. Being new to online advertising, we did not know where we should be promoting our site. They did this for us and we were only charged when our banners were clicked on! It has allowed us to focus on what we are good at - running and building our site. Advertising has taken the headache out of a lot of potential marketing hassles!

We have found the management to be reliable, honest, and very customer-focused. They want the best for you and do what is needed to help you to get there.

We would highly recommend that you try Advertising - it was well worth it for us!

Sam Moorcroft
Cafe Administrator

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